Rick's Pistol Training LLC

Grand Junction, Colorado

Concealed Carry Classes with Shooting Instruction.

Some of what I cover in my classes

  • Handgun Safety-First and Foremost

  • Learn Proper Grip

  • Dry Fire Practice in a Safe Environment

  • Learn how to properly clear a jam.

  • Shoot from different positions.

  • Shoot from behind barricades.

  • Understanding proper use of cover.

  • Practice tactical reloading.

  • Practice emergency reloading.

Concealed Carry Classes

This CCW class will qualify students to apply for a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. We will meet at the classroom at 9am. I will go over the application process for your permit. I will have actual applications at the class. After a discussion about where you can and cannot carry a firearm, we will have gun safety instruction and dry fire practice. I will work with you to get you to a point where you are safe to shoot real ammunition. Then we will head to the range to shoot for a couple of hours from various positions, behind cover and on the move.

After you feel comfortable you will shoot a self defense type scenario. It will help you test your new skills. There will be 4 muggers and a hostage to deal with. They are of course cardboard targets. After the class each student will receive a certificate that they will submit to the sheriff with their permit application. I will have several guns at the range to teach with in case you do not have one of your own. All guns should arrive unloaded in a gun box or a zippered gun rug. You will need eye and ear protection as well as a baseball style hat. Bring 100 rounds of ammo for your gun, 2 magazines and a holster that completely covers the trigger. The price for this class is $150.00.

I have been extremely busy with private classes. I have not scheduled a group class yet for 2022. I have been at the range every week teaching private classes. If you would like me to start a group class for you feel free to give me a call at 970-640-9707. I am happy to help.

Rick's Pistol Training LLC 970-640-9707

Grand Junction, Colorado