Reloading Classes

I taught a small private class in early November. I am in the planning stage of another.

The classes will help people to understand what is involved in reloading. I will show the different types of presses and other equipment on the market to help students decide what they want to purchase. I have a press that is portable that I can use in my camper that costs about $35. The one in the picture that is red on the right side of the bench is about $1,000 after you add all the attachments and accessories. There really is something for just about any budget. I will update this part of the page as classes become available. I have been offered space at the range. The Cameo Shooting and Education Complex felt like a reloading class would fit right in with the Education part of their program. But the new building is still under construction. I believe I will use the conference room at the hotel where I teach the classroom part of my concealed carry classes until the building at the range is available.

Keep checking back for more information.

I have picked up some more RCBS single stage presses. I will be scheduling a 4 hour class. We will go over the basics of pistol cartridge reloading. There will be about 2 hours of classroom type training. We will go over how to look up information in reloading books and how to use the hodgdon website. Of course we will go over safety stuff. Then we will do some actual processing of ammo. It will not be live ammo. We will use used primers and artificial powder. So we will actually be making dummy rounds. But it will be great hands on experience.

Stay tuned.